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Private guide to unknown Israel

About me😊

Hey! My name is Victoria! I am a private guide to Israel!

1) Meeting at the airport and transfer to the hotel, the driver speaks your language!

2) Clean and comfortable cars of different levels!

3) Cars, minibuses and buses of different capacities from 1 to 50 people!

4) Prices are fixed and do not change under any circumstances!

5) Special programs for families and senior couples!

Additional services:

– VIP corridor at the airport – we will meet you at the plane’s ramp, go through the registration of documents without queuing and take you directly to the car, which will take you to the hotel.

— Transfers in Israel
— Moving from point “X” to point “Y”.

— Car rental with a driver – you can order a car with a driver who will accompany you for 1,2,5, 9 or more hours, if necessary. The driver can be a guide and / or translator, he knows the country and the local language perfectly.


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From the primary travel plan to the departure line at Ben Gurion Airport, travelers get all the service in one place – My Israel Today.


From the airport to your accommodation, to the airport and country round-trips.


Short-term rental of hotels, apartments, hostels, rooms, guesthouses


Group, individual, weekend trip Live guide around Israel. Traveling around the country with a guide (two or four-wheel drive), visiting "secret" places in Israel Rent a Car. Possibility to move independently around the country Leisure. Tickets for museums, theaters, festivals, concerts, video and photography, escort to visit


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I love to show to people my country, my culture!

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Transfer in Israel call now!

Transfer to Israel airport and back. We meet at the airport with a sign, smile and cordiality!

24/7 Support

With us you can order the services of an accompanying person at the airport at any time of the day.

VIP service

Premium service for exceptional clients. Leave in your memory the best moments from traveling in Israel.

Certified guide🎓

Welcome! You have come to the right place!

I am a licensed, private tour guide in Israel. I conduct my excursions myself, with love and dedication! I am pleased to introduce you to Israel. I am glad to meet you. My excursions are not only a narrative, but also a dialogue, in which various topics come to life, sometimes completely unexpected …

Licensed guide
and Israel tourism expert Victoria





Tours consist of transfers, hotel breaks, trips and guided excursions. We are constantly in touch! The services are provided by a company accredited at Ben Gurion Airport. Convenient payment methods. Possibility of order cancellation and refund. A significant part of a tourist’s expenses is travel expenses. The cost of transfers depends on the type of transport and the number of passengers.

Summer in Israel is from June to September inclusive. The days are sunny, there is no precipitation. People dress lightly, no extra clothes. It is recommended to wear a hat, apply sunscreen and drink plenty of water.

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Frequently asked questions

Firstly, excursions are held as usual, even with a slight advantage, these days there are practically no traffic jams. Secondly, on these days almost all shops and some restaurants are closed, where the owners observe religious law. But this is not a problem at all, since there are always those who continue to work. There are cafes and restaurants, entertainment centers and museums, national parks and zoos, and much more in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and other cities. Thirdly, for those who planned to travel around Israel on Shabbat or holidays by public transport, there will indeed be a problem. Buses and trains stop running on Friday afternoon until Saturday evening. Taxi drivers work, but at the same time their tariff rises within the law. * Shabbat and holidays start the night before and usually last a little more than a day. For example, the holiday falls on Wednesday, which means that public transport will stop on Tuesday afternoon and many shops will close. The party starts on Tuesday night and ends on Wednesday night.

If the excursion includes visits to religious sites, I recommend dressing modestly. Visiting holy places and temples with bare shoulders and knees is not recommended (applies to men and women). I recommend that women have a handkerchief with them.
If the excursion does not include visiting holy places, the dress code is loose, preferably comfortable.

In the non-summer period, the weather changes frequently. Usually the days are sunny, the average temperature range in January is + 10-18 degrees. At the same time, on cold days, the air temperature can drop to +3 degrees in Jerusalem (usually at night) and +8 in Tel Aviv. There are periods of rainy days. I recommend having warm clothes and shoes with you. Remember, after the sun sets (after 17:00 in January), the coolness is sharply felt, and the desire to warm up immediately arises.

В период с июня по сентябрь включительно в Израиле лето. Дни солнечные, осадков не бывает. Люди одеваются легко, никакой лишней одежды. Рекомендуется носить головной убор, мазать крем от загара и пить много воды.

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